What are Pentium Gold and Silver In CPUs

What are Pentium Gold and Silver In CPUs


What are Pentium Gold and Silver In CPUs

Hi friend today I’m going to talk about What are Pentium Gold and Silver in processors we’ve had reservations about CPU naming schemes for a long time Intel named a CPU lineup core – even though some of those chips had four cores then they gave us core 3 Core i5 and Core i7


Despite the fact that they don’t make any processors in any of those lines with an odd number of course and then this scheme was subsequently copied by AMD for its new Rison series and between you and me I’ve always thought that Celeron sounds more like a villain from a b-movie though even vegetables now and tell us throwing precious metals into the mix now to be fair they are actually used in processor manufacturing but that doesn’t help us understand what exactly it is we’re buying.


So let’s demystify the recently released Pentium gold and Pentium silver chips from Intel for starters Pentium Gold doesn’t mean that Intel has souped up a lower tier chip to be one of the most powerful products ever I mean think about how easy it is to get a gold credit card these days.


Pentium gold is basically a rebranding strategy for their standard desktop grade Pentium CPUs starting with the KB Lake generation and since these gold chips are just rebranded the good news is that you won’t need any kind of special new socket or motherboard to use them.

What are Pentium Gold and Silver In CPUs

One cool thing is that Pentium gold CPUs do feature hyperthreading making them more like what core i3 s were not too long ago where things start to get a little less clear is when we get into the Pentium silver lineup the name suggests that it’s kind of like a less nice version of gold but it’s actually a really different product silver chips aren’t available in boxes from your favorite online stores rather they are lower power chips primarily designed for the mobile segment.


Where battery life is far more important than peak performance and although some Pentium Silver’s will be desktop variants with slightly higher TDPS they all use BGA sockets meaning that they get soldered onto the motherboard rather than being removable by the user they also use very different microarchitectures while Pentium Gold will continue to use normal desktop architectures like KB Lake silver CPUs are built around low-power designs similar to what you’d see in Intel Atom processors in compact and mobile gadgets.

What are Pentium Gold and Silver In CPUs

However, one thing that is interesting about Pentium silver is that it will support HEV C and vp9 video at 4k these are compression standards that can deliver high-quality video with less data and with Netflix using vp9 a Pentium silver could be helpful if you’re fighting battery life or bandwidth limits on mobile if you aren’t silver also supports a hundred and sixty megahertz wide Wi-Fi channels and while channels this wide can actually sometimes cause or be susceptible to interference they can enable faster speeds if your router is up to scratch though this is also true of the slightly lower end Celeron chips that are essentially the same but have lower clock speeds or fewer cores so yeah.


I mean the features are kind of cool but I’m not sure that Intel really clarified anything for us consumers by naming their wares after metals especially considering they recently did the same thing with the server grade Xeon chips and that just ended up confusing everyone to hopefully through this clears things up enough for now and Intel won’t decide to throw iridium titanium and plutonium into the mix anytime soon which yeah I should just probably stop giving them ideas.

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