5 Tips To Gain Real Instagram Followers Fast

5 Tips To Gain Real Instagram Followers Fast

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Tips To Gain Real Instagram Followers

what’s up guys today I’m giving you five tips that will help you gain real Instagram followers fast I see a lot of people buying Instagram followers nowadays and then they wonder why their account has little to no activity you’re probably wondering why am I qualified to help you guys out with Instagram account.

So to give you a little background I’ve actually managed five Instagram accounts recently within the last two years and each of them are past 10,000 followers now so I know how Instagram works and I know the best way to gain real followers and so these five tips are proven I’ve actually used them and they have helped me so without further ado let’s get into the five tips

Tip Number One

5 Tips To Gain Real Instagram Followers Fast

Don’t buy Instagram followers it’s simple guys just don’t do it you’re ruining your Instagram account and it’s literally doing 0 for you I mean those are BOTS you’re buying BOTS you’re spending your hard-earned cash on BOTS and literally doing nothing for you so don’t buy Instagram bars seriously it’s a waste of time just don’t do it alright guys

Tip Number Two

know your audience and this goes into more of a business perspective like if you have a business or a clothing brand on Instagram you need to know your audiences so if you’re making a brand all about sports like let’s say football you need a cater to people that like football as simple as that guys you can’t just be following around people that aren’t interested in football because you’re not going to get the user activity that you want and nobody’s gonna follow you back nobody’s gonna care about your content.

5 Tips To Gain Real Instagram Followers Fast

So know who your content catering to know who’s going to be into your content before you actually start reaching out to those people because they have to be into what you’re doing or else like I said it’s going to be a big waste of time for you


Tip Number Three

follow active users and this is really important because you could just follow people all day long and have a bunch of following. I mean you’re literally following like hundreds and hundreds of people but nobody’s following you back and the reason for that might be because they’re not active.

5 Tips To Gain Real Instagram Followers Fast

So to find active people it kind of goes back in to tip number two knowing your audience so let’s say you established a clothing line that like I said before caters to football fans and stuff like that go to one of your favorite teams whether it’s Stiller’s Cowboys or whatever and go to their most recent photo and what you’re going to see is a bunch of people like in that photo those are all active users guys and those are the people you need to be following and I promise you within minutes you’re going to see 10 20 people at least follow you back right away and if not hundreds

I mean you are going to get great results and these are all real people and then, later on, you can unfollow them if you feel like it’s really up to you alright guys


Tip Number Four

interact with your followers now a lot of people might take this as common sense and blah blah blah but the truth is some people really don’t get this concept but you really do have to interact with your followers whether they’re new or existing and the reason why is because if you’re not interacting with them in certain ways like maybe commenting on their photo we’re telling them thank you for following me back or anything like that.

5 Tips To Gain Real Instagram Followers Fast

They might not get the concept of caring about your Instagram account if that makes sense they might not just they just might not care they might follow you for a day but then they’re like you know there’s no point to follow that person there’s no real reason why I need to follow this person.

So give them a reason why they need to follow you to talk to them make them like you in a way you know make them think your Instagram account is a basically I know it sounds weird but make them think your Instagram account is literally the.


Last But Not Least Tip Number Five

5 Tips To Gain Real Instagram Followers Fast

post quality content and I can’t stress this one enough you can do all the other tips that I just told you about and it still not mean anything you guys are still not getting interactive or interactions because you’re not posting quality content now when you post quality content people recognize that and they remember it if you’re posting really crappy photos all the time people trust me trust me, people, are not going to get one about you so post quality content and I promise you people are going to grasp onto that they’re gonna remember it and they’re gonna want to come back to your Instagram account over and over again to see your photos because they’re so damn cool.

alright guys so that does it for this article that was five tips on how you can grow your Instagram account with real followers, not fake ones we don’t do that fake around here but anyway

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