3 Biggest Facebook Advertising Mistakes [ Facebook Advertising Tips ]

3 Biggest Facebook Advertising Mistakes – Facebook Advertising Strategy

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3 Biggest Facebook Advertising Mistakes

Hey, guys today we are going to talk about the biggest Facebook advertising mistakes I see so let’s get started now. Facebook has built one of the most powerful advertising platforms the world has ever seen. Use Facebook the right way and it can be one of the best ways to get more clients and grow your business.


But use it the wrong way and Facebook will gladly take all of your hard-earned money avoid these three common mistakes and I know you will get faster results from Facebook Ads


Now Number One Is:


Just not picking the right audience with Facebook advertising. You just need to leave most people out of the party ideally you should create a Facebook look-alike audience based on your current website visitors or your customer email list. Facebook has an amazing algorithm that can look at your existing customers or website visitors and find people similar to them in a way that you and I cannot do it’s called a look-alike audience too many times.

3 Biggest Facebook Advertising Mistakes [ Facebook Advertising Tips ]

I see people targeting very broad interests or no interest at all ideally your target audience should be between a hundred and three hundred thousand people if your target audience is a million people or more then you are not targeted enough.


You need to leave some people out of the party. The best audiences are a combination of your Facebook’s competitors pages your fan pages and a look-alike audience of your own clients or website traffic. Start there and you will have a great audience to start with you can test one audience against another with the same ad to see which one works better for you.

Number Two Is:

Not using conversion pixels for tracking most campaigns. I look at are just trying to build up likes for their fan page with no real strategy or just sending the cheapest clicks possible to their website. Facebook can actually look at people who are converting for your offer and find similar people kind of like a look-alike audience that are also likely to convert.

3 Biggest Facebook Advertising Mistakes [ Facebook Advertising Tips ]

The crazy part it works really really well but if you do not even tell Facebook. What you’re trying to do by telling it what a conversion is then they just cannot help you out just because you can get cheap clicks to your website does not mean that any of those people ever become a client it’s much better to focus on your conversions and ask the question how much do I have to spend with Facebook to make a sale or get a new client once you let Facebook know when you have gotten a new lead or client then they will do a better job finding these kinds of people for you.


So make sure you set up a Facebook conversion pixel and set your campaign. To optimize for conversions – otherwise, you’re just likely wasting your money on nice vanity metrics like lots of clicks likes web traffic with no sales or leads. I see this happen all the time now

Number Three Is


Just not diving deeper into your Facebook ad reports for some reason. It seems like everyone wants to use Facebook’s just standard reports. The problem is these reports usually don’t tell you very much sure. It’s nice to see that 20 people liked your ad last week but what does that really tell you wouldn’t it be better to see. Which age and gender categories are becoming warm leads at the cheapest price you would then spend more money on those people and exclude the ones that are just more expensive to acquire.


The problem is without customizing the columns you are looking at in the Facebook ads report. You’ll never see this start with the standard Facebook ad report the one that you are given then just remove any columns that are not crucial to your campaign and you’ll see a ton of them likes a number of engagements there’s a lot that you need to remove.


Once you have the least amount of columns possible add a few in the big ones you will want our cost per conversion ad score and CPM and I’m going to tell you a little bit more about those now so cost per conversion is how much you are paying to get a lead or sale this is really the most important metric that matters so you have to include it next is your ad score a high ad score of a seven eight or nine or even a ten will get you cheaper sales and leads look at this because you can quickly cut ads with low ad scores no Facebook will show those ads less often.

3 Biggest Facebook Advertising Mistakes [ Facebook Advertising Tips ]

Because they don’t perform as well but you should be able to see them quickly and just remove them from your campaign. Next is CPM CPM is how much does it cost you just to reach 1000 people on Facebook some audiences are ten dollars or more just to show your ad in front on a thousand people and this doesn’t count people clicking them or liking them or anything this is just to show your ad in front of those thousand people can be ten dollars or more but many audiences are even less so you can find them for five and three dollars.


If you look and you have it set up in your report to look for that use this column is a guide to help you find a lower cost for conversions audiences with higher CPM usually will have a higher cost for conversion so those are the three most common mistakes I see most people making with their Facebook ads.


The ones I just covered follow the advice I gave you to fix them and your Facebook campaigns will finally start working for you. Facebook is a super powerful advertising platform but you must use it correctly to get the fastest results.

I hope this guide will work well for you thanks for reading.

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