Bright 2017 Movie Review Critics Pan Will Smith’s Latest Film


In spite of getting many negative reviews from the critics I was very excited to watch this film – Bright 2017. Simply because the theater poster excited me and most prominently the creature! (Yes, I saw the movie without watching the actual trailer!) The film poster itself is intriguing, isn’t it? You can see two different beings holding weapons to fight. But wait, not against each other but from the looks of it you can tell that they are working in team! The movie was released in December 2017. So, from an audience and a reviewer’s perspective, what’s my say on it? Is it worth watching? Check out to read more….

Bright 2017 Movie Review

As the movie began I was really surprised to see the creatures other than human beings walking around freely. I mean I wondered how is everyone behaving like it is just an ordinary day!


The movie is set in a fictional world where the humans and mythical creatures live beside each other. The movie mainly revolves around two cops; one of them is human and the other an Orc. (Orcs are fictional mythological creatures.) Both have been partnered involuntarily. Daryl Ward who is the human cop (role played by Will Smith) doesn’t like the Orc. (Well, not yet.) This is because of an accident where Ward doubts him as an Orc officer.


But as the movie progresses Ward learns to trust the Orc as both of their lives fall in danger. Both their jobs and family lives fall in grave danger due to a magical wand. Yes, you read that right due to a wand! There is even a point where Ward finds himself preparing to leave the town with his family. But as usual, that’s not what is exactly happening! As much as Ward and the Orc badly want to get themselves out of this dangerous case, they find themselves seeping in more.


Without revealing too much about the movie I would like to conclude now. So the movie has all fun qualities ranging from drama, action, magic and of course Will Smith’s comedy! If you love fantasy movie, have a thrill for some action and are always in to check out any mythological creature type movies/TV shows; then you will surely enjoy this one!


There isn’t romance involved so if you are romance fan only then you may not find this to be a romantic film because it isn’t. And there are a few scenes where you might not feel comfortable watching it with your kid. There are also some ‘good’ (read the ‘F’ word) words used throughout the movie. Rather than sounding it bad it really sounds funny!


I liked watching Bright and thoroughly enjoyed it! Have you seen it yet? What are your thoughts?

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